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A relief package against the cyclone of Rs 69 lakh announced for the fishermen of Diu

The ADMINISTRATION of the Union Territories (UT) of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Daman and Diu announced aid of Rs 69.85 lakh for the fishermen of Diu whose boats were damaged by Cyclone Tauktae, but some fishermen felt that government assistance was insufficient.

Tauktae, the violent cyclonic storm had hit Diu on the morning of May 17 before making landfall between Una and the Mahuva coast of Gujarat. The storm damaged 29 boats and uprooted or damaged around 15,000 trees on the island, according to local officials.

On June 19, the office of Praful Patel, administrator of the UTs of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and of Diu and Daman, announced a relief plan of Rs 69.85 lakh for the fishermen of Diu affected by the cyclone.

The package announced ex gratia compensation of Rs 5 lakh against completely damaged fishing trawlers 15 meters in length or more and Rs 3 lakh for completely damaged fishing vessels less than 15 meters in length. The package also provided for aid to owners whose boats had suffered partial damage.

“According to the standards of the State Disaster Relief Fund, the size of the aid to fishermen was only Rs 1.89 lakh. But we knew Diu was in the eye of the storm and the damage was extensive. Therefore, to help the fishermen get back on their feet, we activated our local program and increased the package to Rs 69.85 lakh, “Patel told The Indian Express on Friday, adding that” the fishermen are happy with the flat rate “.

The UT district has approximately 1,500 registered fishing vessels. Diu collector Saloni Rai said the cyclone completely damaged two large fishing trawlers and nine small trawlers. The storm, which blew up to 179 kilometers an hour, also partially damaged 18 other boats.

“Compensation worth Rs37 lakh has already been paid against the total loss of the boats. Another Rs 32.85 lakh has been allocated to compensate fishermen against partially damaged boats. We will reimburse the repair invoices of partially damaged boats on an actual basis with the cap of Rs 5 lakh and Rs 3 lakh respectively ”, said the collector.

However, some chief fishermen said the compensation could have been higher. “A fishing trawler costs around Rs 60 lakh and compensation of Rs 5 lakh is nothing compared to the actual value of the boats. Although the fishermen may not demand to be fully compensated, if the government had paid around Rs 25 lakh ex gratia, it could have helped the fishermen to get back on their feet a little faster ”, Umesh Bamania, present from Vivek Fisheries Cooperative Society (VFCS), said the cooperative organization working for the welfare of Diu fishermen.

Bamania added: “The other thing the government could have done is help fishermen get loans from the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) so that fishermen can finance the purchase of new boats or repair of boats. damaged boats.

Patel said the cyclone uprooted or damaged about 15,000 trees, including about 13,000 in horticultural plantations on about 50 hectares of private land.

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