Anti-Trump antibody originally developed with fetal cells derived from abortion

The emergency antibody treatment Donald Trump received to fight the coronavirus was said to have been developed with cells originally obtained from an abortion.

The experimental drug cocktail developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals was based on fetal cells from an abortion in the Netherlands in the 1970s, according to the MIT Technology Review.

It comes just weeks after Mr. Trump appointed Conservative anti-abortion judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

Mr Trump received the treatment after being driven to Walter Reed’s house over the weekend, before returning to the White House on Monday evening.

Regeneron antibodies to fight Covid-19 are actually made in cells of a hamster’s ovary, not human cells, according to the company.

But the company used cells from a fetus in another way to produce the drug, the report States.

“According to Regeneron, the lab tests used to assess the potency of its antibodies used a standardized supply of cells called HEK 293T, which originated in kidney tissue from an abortion in the Netherlands in the 1970s,” says he does.

“Since then, 293T cells have been ‘immortalized’, which means they continue to divide in the lab, much like cancer, and have undergone other genetic changes and additions.”

The article states that Regeneron uses 293T cells to make virus “pseudo-particles” that contain the famous coronavirus “spike” protein.

The company then uses this to test the ability of its antibodies to fight the virus.

Regeneron says that because the cells were acquired so long ago, they are no longer believed to be linked to abortion.

“This is how you want to analyze it,” Regeneron spokesperson Alexandra Bowie told the magazine.

“But the 293T cell lines available today are not considered fetal tissue, and we have not used fetal tissue otherwise.”

Mrs Bowie told the New York Times: “The 293Ts were used to test the ability of antibodies to neutralize the virus. They have not been used in any other way, and fetal tissue has not been used in research.

The irony of the situation has not been lost in the MIT Technology Review.

“When the president was faced with a deadly encounter with Covid-19, his administration raised no objections that the new drugs were also based on fetal cells and that anti-abortion activists were also silent,” said he declared.

“Most likely, their hypocrisy was unintentional.

“Many types of medical and vaccine research use supplies of cells originally obtained from abortion tissue.

“It would have taken an expert to figure out that was the case with Trump’s treatment.”

On his first morning back at the White House, Mr. Trump raised the issue of abortion which is increasingly becoming a topic of campaign discussion on Twitter.

“Biden and the Democrats have just made it clear that they are fully in favor of a (very) LATE ABORTION, until birth, and beyond – which would be execution. Biden even endorsed the governor of Virginia, who made it clear for everyone to hear, ”Mr. Trump wrote before adding,“ GET OUT AND VOTE !!! », Wrote the president.

It came after Joe Biden said he would make Roe v Wade the ‘law of the land’.

When asked, a spokesperson for Regeneron replied, “We used the HEK293T cell line to test the ability of our antibodies to neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 virus (they were used to make a ‘pseudovirus’ that looks like the Spike protein). HEK293s are considered “immortalized” cells (not stem cells) and are a common and widespread tool in research laboratories.

“This cell line was originally derived by adenoviral transformation of human embryonic kidney cells in 1977. After that, it was transformed at Stanford in the 1980s with the SV40 T antigen (hence the ‘T’) . HEK293T was not used in any other way and fetal tissue was not used in this research. We did not use human stem cells or human embryonic stem cells in the development of REGN-COV2. “

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