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Be part of the family at Firehole Ranch | Food and cooking

“This building was in bad shape when I bought it. We had to replace the foundations, ”explained Caine, of the structure built of solid logs and a stone fireplace with stunning views of Lake Hebgen and the surrounding meadows. There is very little development in the area and Caine hopes it will.

“It’s a special place. I love the family we’ve created here. Lyndy is such a nice person,” Chavez explained.

After graduating from the Johnson and Wales Culinary Program and working in restaurants and hotels, Chavez joined Firehole Ranch in 2017. Today, as a pastry chef, “I enjoy the creative and artistic side of making of desserts ”. On the second night, Chavez served a profiterole filled with salted caramel ice cream, drizzled with chocolate ganache, sprinkled with pistachios and topped with a caramel flower. A Grand Marnier chocolate tart and a baharat chocolate pudding complemented our other dinners.

Now a chef, Nathan Koehle found a kitchen job as a college student at Colorado State. “I supplemented my rent as a dishwasher”, later as a line cook. Although he admitted, “I loved doing the dishes, I fell in love with the experience of cooking.” Having found the job on, a seasonal jobs site, he has been cooking at Firehole for over a year. “I create classic dishes the right way. We try to keep the menu super simple. It tries to source most of its products from Quality Foods Distributing, which provides natural, organic, specialty, and local / regional foods from all over Montana and the Northern Rockies.

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