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Blue River busy with anglers for trout derby

TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) – A record number of people came to Blue River this weekend for the Trout Fishing Tournament.

Youth division winner Aiden Casaz said he had been fishing since he was six years old.

“Yesterday I caught my biggest fish,” Casaz said. “7.2 pound trout. I caught it on my fly rod using an egg pattern.

Casaz said he got lucky with the pink and peach egg pattern fly.

“Peach and pink work really well,” Cazas said.

Benny Thompson said the fish he caught this weekend didn’t break his personal bests, but he had a blast.

“We had fun,” Thompson said. “It’s fun to come camping and visit people.”

“People get together for these two derbies, and that’s maybe the only time they see each other until the next derby, they just come and enjoy the Blue River,” McCarthick said.

Blue River Association president Scotty McCarthick said they hadn’t had this many people at a derby in ten years

“You don’t get a lot of 70-degree weekends in February, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it,” McCarthick said.

“I can just go out on a Sunday morning, sit down and relax, have dinner,” Cazas said.

Thompson said with the small river it can get crowded.

“They fall on you. I’ve seen them get tangled up and…have discussions about it too,” Thompson said.

The trout season lasts until the end of March. Casaz said it was a well-stocked river.

“If you come here, I suggest you wear a pair of boots or waders,” Cazas said.

The next derby will be on Veterans Day weekend.

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