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Brian’s Fishing Season 2020 – AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST

Brian’s Fishing Season 2020

I had a question for good friend and outdoor enthusiast Brian King. What about fly fishing? Have you planned fly fishing trips? Did you fly fishing? What are you fishing for? This is an excellent question. I had some fantastic trips last year, caught the fish of my life on the Deschutes River. A Steelhead in September with Marty Shepard, the guide there on the Deschutes. And it was just a fantastic day. And I know they say it’s a thousand throws with a fish sterilization rod, that was the first time I was doing it. And I think I had counted about twelve hundred throws before I finally got this guy, but it was totally worth it. Just a great day and a huge fish, and that was all that was advertised. So it was fantastic. And on the river we ran into a professional golfer. Mark O’Meara was on the river that day. In fact, I guess he goes to this part of Dechutes every year. And it was great fun catching up with him and talking to us and telling us some Tiger Woods stories. So it was a fantastic day. I had some great trips to eastern Idaho early last summer on Henry’s or Southfork of the Snake, then northeast Idaho on Wallowa. It was really great this year too. And so had good trips up there. And then I already reserve my calendar for this year. I have the Big Hole in Montana for a few trips. I still have Henry’s Fork. I would love to go back to Wallowa. When I said great outdoorsman, me, Meant and Brian just proved it.

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