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Colombian armed forces dismantle drug trafficking organization linked to Mexican cartels

Colombian military forces, in a navy-led operation, dismantled a transnational drug trafficking organization that was sending large shipments of drugs to Central America and Mexico from Colombia’s Pacific coast, it said. the naval institution at the end of August.

“We were able to capture and prosecute 12 alleged members of the criminal group, who apparently had ties to Mexican cartels to fund, process and ship the illicit stash,” María Elena Monsalve Idrobo, Specialized Narcotics Trafficking Director of the Prosecutor’s Office Colombian general. , told the press. “According to the investigation, they acquired the narcotic substance in laboratories in Bajo Calima, Valle del Cauca, and in Sipí, Chocó, and apparently contacted boatmen and paid them to take the narcotics from fishing boats which traveled along the Bajo San Juan coast in the Pacific, coordinating their departure to international destinations in fast boats.

This is the organization chart of the international drug trafficking group linked to the Mexican cartels that the Colombian Military Forces dismantled at the end of August 2022. (Photo: Colombian Navy)

The organization had the capacity to sell up to 3 tons of cocaine hydrochloride per month. “This organization operated under the direction of alias Coronel and alias Willy, so that the drugs were stored in Bajo Baudó, received in Mexico and Costa Rica, and then sent to the United States,” said Colombian Marine Corps Coronel José Domingo Cantillo, second-in-command and chief of staff of the 2nd Marine Infantry Brigade, said Dialogo. The two suspected leaders were captured a week after that operation, the Navy said in a statement.

“Navy Intelligence, the Attorney General’s Office and the Technical Investigation Corps [division of the Attorney General’s Office] conducted the intelligence work,” added Colonel Cantillo.

During the investigation, authorities seized nearly a ton of cocaine hydrochloride from this organization and captured five of its alleged carriers in the act. “Among those captured are Ramiro Eduardo Piñeros Camargo, alias Ramiro, responsible for coordinating the logistics of sending the drugs, as well as receiving the money from Mexico. We also have Jorge Armando Montalva Duarte, alias Mono, accused of being the link between the criminal organization and the Mexican cartels that finance the illicit activity, and also [accused of] receive money from the illicit proceeds,” prosecutor Monsalve said.

Another person captured is alias Henry, who allegedly recruited people and was also responsible for funding overseas drug shipments. Similarly, alias Jair, believed to be alias Mono’s right-hand man, was apparently responsible for guarding the collection points for loading and shipping the drugs to different countries, according to the Navy statement.

The fight of the naval institution against drug trafficking has been crowned with success.

“The Pacific Naval Force of the Colombian Navy made 138 arrests for drug trafficking as of August 31, 2022, and in 2021 recorded a total of 237 arrests for this same crime,” Colonel Cantillo concluded.