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Cosner’s Band to Perform at Feinstein’s • Current Publishing

Jeremiah Cosner is looking forward to bringing his music to a new audience in a cabaret setting.

His band will play a two-hour set from 6-8 p.m. on July 20 at Feinstein’s Cabaret at the Carmichael Hotel in Carmel.

“We’ll be performing all of the original songs and plan to surprise Feinstein with some familiar covers for them to sing along to,” Cosner said. “It’s a great venue, and the first time we played here (June 15) we attracted a collective audience. The hotel has live music several nights a week, and we showed up for their parties Live Local Music this summer. (It’s) a great way for Carmel residents to see a unique new music venue and experience an original local band.The venue reminds me of an upscale NYC cabaret.

Cosner said the music is American, influenced by blues and roots rock ‘n’ roll

“It’s a great way to experience the venue and tickets are $12,” he said. “Hotel guest tickets are complimentary.”

The group consists of three members, Cosner (vocals, guitar, harmonica), James Ledesma (bass, vocals) and Craig Wiley (drums). The band recorded an album last winter at the Round Table Recording Studio in Broad Ripple. The first single, “Home”, was released in March. “Home” is available on digital platforms including Spotify, Apple and Amazon. Other tracks on the upcoming album include “American Made”, “Fly Fishing” and “All Night”.

The band members are residents of Carmel.

“James and I have known each other now for almost 10 years since he moved here from Los Angeles,” Cosner said. “James introduced me to Craig earlier this summer. The two have played with several other local bands and have always connected musically. We look forward to playing many upcoming Carmel events, including PorchFest (September 18).