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Edgar plans with Exile Content Studio and the NFT “Lil Heroes” Collection to donate monetary money to the Hiu Project to support shark conservation

LOS ANGELES, March 02, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Artist Edgar Plans with Exile Content Studio, along with their innovative NFT collection “Lil Heroes”, have pledged to donate $83,000 to Project Hiu to support shark conservation and fishing communities in Indonesia, Exile Content Studio announced today.

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“I have always been passionate about finding ways to inspire, educate and communicate through engaging art,” said Edgar Plans. “The Hiu Project is a fascinating opportunity to open up the conversation to connect shark conservation activism and the ‘Lil Heroes’ to the lives, activities and ultimately their future of the community.”

Executive Chairman and Founder of Exile, Isaac Lee, said, “When we formed Exile, one of our goals was to create content that would not only entertain audiences, but also illuminate the global issues that affect us all. and inspire positive change in the world. This partnership is part of our commitment to these areas and empowering Edgar Plans “Lil Heroes” who cares deeply about the environment and enthusiastically supports the project.”

“What I love most about Project Hiu is how they do their job with a methodology that can have real impact while providing pragmatic economic solutions for communities,” said Daniel Eilemberg, president of content at Exile and co-founder of Lil Heroes.

Project Hiu was founded by activist Madison Stewart to transform these communities from shark fishing to tourism to protect and rebuild shark populations, 100 million of which die each year, to preserve the ecosystem balance of our oceans. . Their plan is to turn these shark fishing communities into shark sanctuaries by repurposing shark fishing vessels and providing an alternative source of income by employing the fishermen who crew them, with the potential to save over 600 sharks a year. .

Said Stewart, “The world is changing so fast, and it needs an army of people together to save it. We can’t do it alone, and collaborate with communities and artists, who also know what it’s like. than fighting for something, swimming against the current, strengthens our chances.We have the ability here, with Lil’ Heroes, to change lives above and below the surface.

The proceeds of the donation will be used to decommission a shark fishing boat for an entire year, which will prevent the death of 600 sharks and will be used to educate four of the children in the villages to provide them with a future other than shark fishing. shark in order to break the cycle with the next generation.

The pledge will also stop the operation of shark fishing boats for two months and subsidize fishermen for their lost income, saving more than 100 sharks from slaughter and giving the community the tools to understand that a shark is worth more alive than dead.

In addition, research to locate locations, hire a scientist to study the movements of sharks with satellite tracking, as well as the destinations and ecosystems of these species, in order to maximize conservation are part of the project.

Donated funds will be managed by the PVBLIC Foundation, an innovative nonprofit organization that connects the public, private and nonprofit sectors, helping partners amplify their impact for sustainable development around the world.

“We are delighted to partner with Exile, Isaac, Edgar and Madison and pleased to provide fund management and programmatic support to this important project as it aligns with a number of Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 14conserving and protecting life underwater,” said Stephen Keppel, President of the PVBLIC Foundation.

About “Lil’ Heroes”

“Lil Heroes” is an NFT collection from Curatible, Spanish artist Edgar Plans and Exile Content Studio, which will serve as the basis for a new entertainment franchise. “Lil’ Heroes” will have multiple components, including an animated television series, a virtual metaverse experience, consumer products, and publishing.

About the Hiu Project

The Hiu’ Project, Hiu being the Indonesian word for Shark, is an initiative that aims to provide an alternative income to fishermen in one of the largest shark fisheries in Indonesia and the world. By hiring the shark fishing boats and the locals who man them, we sought to engage the fisherman in a very different role. Tourism. A natural and alternative income that simultaneously and effectively protects sharks. The Hiu Project is founded on the recognition that the very solution to saving sharks lies in humans being bred to kill them.

About Exile Content Studio

Exile Content Studio creates content in Spanish and English for global audiences across multiple platforms: TV, film, audio and digital. He recently co-produced Todo Va A Estar Bien with Diego Luna as showrunner for Netflix and the documentary series Un Sueño Real, about the Real Madrid women’s football team for HBO with journalist Ana Pastor.

Exile’s team has led content for the world’s largest Spanish-language media companies, with responsibility for film studio, OTT, broadcast and cable networks, music, news and digital . Their current roster includes Oscar winners and talent across all genres and formats. The studio doesn’t just understand global trends, it shares and creates a culture with content that generates buzz and breaks the noise.

About the PVBLIC Foundation:

The PVBLIC Foundation is an innovative nonprofit organization mobilizing media, data, and technology for sustainable development and social impact worldwide. The Foundation connects the public, private and non-profit sectors, integrating innovations with social agendas and helping governments, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations to amplify their impact through original programs, creative partnerships and strategic donor funds . The foundation has managed programs and partnerships that have impacted more than a billion people in 125 countries and inspired global action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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