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EU says it discusses fishing line solution with UK and France

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Britain has published the methodology used to issue licenses to French fishing vessels to operate in British waters and talks are currently underway to find a solution to the post-Brexit feud between neighbors, the EU executive said on Wednesday.

“For us, finding a solution and continuity for the fishing activities of European fishermen and women remains a top priority,” European Commission spokesperson Vivian Loonela said at a press briefing.

“What I can say new from what we were discussing last week is that the UK has now released their methodology, and we are discussing … specific boats involved.

Last week, the European Commission said it was seeking answers from Britain on the “limited” issue of licenses for French fishing vessels to operate in British territorial waters.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Tuesday that Paris was ready to review bilateral cooperation with London if it continued to ignore the agreement reached on fishing rights in its post-Brexit trade relationship with the European Union.

Paris is furious at London’s refusal to grant what it sees as the total number of licenses owed to French fishing vessels to operate in British territorial waters, and threatens to take retaliatory action.

(Reporting by John Chalmers; editing by Philip Blenkinsop)

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