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Exceptional striped bass bite | Herald of Cranston

“Guests at Pawtuxet Cove, Cranston, have seen large bass under their boats pushing bait into the cove,” said Tom Giddings of Tackle Box, Warwick. “At the Rocky Point Fishing Pier, anglers see birds working on large schools of bait all day. We’re officially closed for the season, but with this great bite to eat and the holidays on our doorstep, we’re open to customers who want to connect with us.

“The peanut bunker is thick and the striped bass are everywhere,” said Todd Corayer, expert kayak angler and fishing writer, who fished the ponds in South County, RI last week. “I landed 25 fish in two days with three lost, four slot size and one too big to keep. Love this shoulder season for sure.

Declan O’Donnell of Breachway Bait & Tackle, Charlestown, said: ‘Striped bass can still be found in salt ponds and breccias. The bait continues to hold as long as the water is hot. Gannets have begun to patrol inland coastal waters. They are a sure sign that there are big profile baits in the water like herring, shad and bunker. These are bait that migrating strippers can’t say no to.

Last week fly fishing guide and instructor Ed Lombardo said: “The bite was present at the Narrow River. We caught several slot sized striped bass and hickory shad most of the days we fished. I fished with Ed as a college student on Thursday and we caught about five striped bass and five shad. The largest striper was about 24 inches.

“The bass bite in the bay has been good, many have taken their boats out of the water but those fishing them are still catching. We had good bait with birds feeding at Sabin Point and Bristol Harbor this weekend,” said John Littlefield of Archie’s Bait & Tackle, Riverside. “This has been the best spring, summer and fall bass season in my 24 years in business.”

This is the perfect time to fish for striped bass as the fishing is excellent. The possession limit for striped bass is one fish/person/day which must be within the slot size of 28 to

Last year we had a striped bass fishery that persisted through the winter with fish up to 36 inches caught in our salt ponds, estuaries and rivers. The warm water and persistent bait created positive conditions for striped bass and many did not migrate to the Hudson River and Chesapeake Bay area and decided to overwinter in our estuaries.

Fall is a good time to buy a boat

Fall is a good time to buy a boat as sellers may not want to incur the cost of winter storage and with high fuel costs there are more boats on the market than in the year. last. Here are some tips for finding the boat that suits your needs.

I look at the boats and how well they match my changing needs all the time. What is the fishing capacity, opening, space for customers, space for fish, handling at sea, does it have a ladder to go up and down and a place for a port-a- parties for customers? It’s the kind of functionality I need in a boat to do what I want it to do…which is to go fishing and take a couple of peaches with me.

Other boaters have different needs, like taking the family for a ride, tubing or skiing, going for a picnic and swimming, or visiting Martha’s Vineyard, Newport or Block Island.

So first you need to figure out what you want to use the boat for. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has a great online tool to help you determine the type of boat you might be interested in. You will find it on This website will ask you for the intended use and then recommend boat types for you to search for in our search.

Should you buy new or used is always a good question? Like automobiles, new boats come with warranties. If something goes wrong (and with boats, something often goes wrong) it’s good to have a warranty to cover the costs. Older boats often take longer to clean, need more time to prepare for the season, and will have a greater frequency of repair due to their age.

Used boats cost less, but be sure to add the cost of repairs to the purchase price. A useful way to determine the cost of the repair and ensure that you are not buying a lemon is to order a boat survey.

A boat inspection is similar to a home inspection. Inspections are carried out by certified experts who take a close look at the vessel’s hull, structure, electrical system and engine(s). Surveys will not only tell you what is wrong with a boat, but can also give you estimates on repairs that can be used to negotiate the sale price.

Visit the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors at for a list of accredited surveyors in your area.

Where’s the bite?

The striped bass bite continues to be strong with an abundance of bait in the water. See the article above.

Squid. Greg Vespe, squid fishing expert and executive director of the RI Saltwater Anglers Association, said: “We didn’t stay long as it was my five year old grandson’s first night trip…but fishing squid was downright battered on Saturday night.” Littlefield of Archie’s Bait said, “Guests caught squid this weekend at Fort Wetherill, Jamestown and Goat Island Causeway, Newport. Many walked away with a full five-gallon bucket with two to three hours of fishing.

Tautog. O’Donnell of Breachway Bait, said: “Fishing at Tautog continues to produce well with many reports of limited catches over the past week. Tautogs are always found in as little as 15 feet of water up to 60 feet and more. “The tautog bit from the shore at the mouth of the Seekonk River (near the broken bridge) and Kettle Point, Riverside was good this weekend.” “Fishing at Tautog has been good off Newport and in Hope Island Bay, Spindle Rock and Rocky Point Fishing Pier,” said Tom Giddings.

Freshwater trout and salmon fishing was good at ponds supplied by RI DEM including Willet Avenue Pond, Riverside; Barber Pond, South Kingstown; Meadow Creek Pond, Richmond; Olney Pond, Lincoln State Park, Lincoln; Simmons Mill Pond, Little Compton; Silver Spring Lake, North Kingstown; Watchaug Pond, Charlestown; and Wyoming Pond in Hope Valley was stocked only with trout.

Dave Monti holds a captain’s license and a charter fishing licence. He sits on various boards and commissions and has an advisory practice focused on clean oceans, habitat preservation, conservation, renewable energy, and fisheries-related issues and clients. Send fishing news and photos to [email protected] or visit