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Meal Bars range: Alpine Start & Fresh Tracks

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$ 7-35

Range Meal Bars were formulated with endurance in mind. From earning his engineering degree from Montana State University in 2017 to preparing for weekend mountain adventures, Range Meal Bars founder Zach Hein knew he needed something durable, compact, practical and nutritious. After years of fine-tuning the formula until it turns into something consumable and high-quality, Range Meal Bars are now available in 30 stores across the United States and are used by medal winners. gold Olympic, hunters, skiers, hikers, US special forces, climbers and those in pursuit of mountain sports. Each bar is 700 calories and has all the natural ingredients you can actually pronounce, stays sweet even in cold weather, and is barely bigger than a deck of cards. Single bars can be purchased for $ 7 or $ 35 for a six pack to keep you moving all winter long.

Alpine start

A mixture of chocolate, peanut butter and coffee. The coffee used in this bar is uniquely sourced from Colombia and roasted in Massachusetts with 100% renewable energy. Gluten free and vegan (except honey).

Fresh tracks

Sweet and savory with molasses, ginger and sea salt. Sea salt for Fresh Tracks is harvested in Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Elakha Alliance, which works to protect habitat along the Oregon coast. . Gluten free and vegan.

“I chose to take Range Bars for the real test: striped bass fly fishing a few miles off the south Jersey coast… in November. Air temperatures in the 50s, ocean temperatures about the same, fish, big. No time for any sort of food prep here we need hassle free calories to keep us alive and Range Meal Bars delivered. With 19 grams of protein and the combined flavor combinations such as “Fresh Tracks (ginger molasses and sea salt or chocolate) and Alpine Start (chocolate, peanut butter and coffee), it doesn’t get any better. pack your bags for a day on the water or tie your skins to your skis, the Range Meal Bar will keep you fit, clear-headed and ready to drop that line or stick that fish!

– Captain J. Moore, adventurer, Range Meal Bar enthusiast

Once you’ve packed your Range Meal Bars, take them to the mountains where they belong with a ski touring all the way to Hyalite Peak.

Ski tour to Hyalite Peak

Distance: 12 miles, round trip

Vertical gain: 3,400 feet

Duration: 4 to 6 hours

Hyalite Peak is a great hike during the summer months, offering ethereal views of Gallatin Crest, Paradise Valley, and the Madison Mountains. The appeal of bagging high peaks doesn’t end in winter, however, and Hyalite Peak, located in the southern ridge of Hyalite Canyon, is a wonderful ski touring for those looking for something advanced and challenging. Pack your Range Meal Bars, avalanche gear and a trusted partner, and get started.

From Bozeman, head south on South 19e Avenue and turn left onto Hyalite Canyon Road. Drive past the Hyalite Reservoir Dam and keep right at the Grotto Falls Fork, park in the Grotto Falls parking lot.

The trail starts off gently, offering views of ice climbers and frozen waterfalls. While Hyalite Canyon is popular year round, unlike the warmer months, winter is a time when you will most often find yourself alone on the trail. Your first major climb will bring you to Hyalite Lake, offering a view of the final and grueling climb to Hyalite Peak. At 10,298 feet, the views from the summit won’t disappoint. Enjoy a few tough turns over double black diamond terrain to the lake, then a long and medium cool down to the parking lot.