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Explore fishing options in local waters around Campbell River – Campbell River Mirror

When it comes to fishing around Vancouver Island and particularly around Campbell River, the big player when it comes to recreational sport fishing is salmon and at the top of the list is Chinook salmon.

Tourists who come to Campbell River hire local guides and those who can tow a boat here know when to fish and they have their places to fish and will venture out. More and more families can also learn about fishing and become members of the Tyee Club by exploring the pool and fishing the old-fashioned way with a rowboat using a plug or a spoon. Then maybe they’ll land a Tyee in the pool. The season starts in mid-July and ends in mid-September.

I had the opportunity to talk fishing with Roy Grant and I mentioned trout fishing in the local lakes and he said, “That’s not how I like to fish” and I still remember it and just came to the conclusion that if you ask 10 people how they fish you might get 10 different answers. Top dog is salmon fishing with or without a boat or alternatively you can bottom fish and other fish by anchoring and jigging.

We have a number of lakes and rivers where you can fish for trout or salmon and over the past two years due to COVID the campgrounds and access to the lakes have undergone some changes. I expect roughly the same for this year. I’ve seen a surge of interest in people buying kayaks and visiting lakes and rivers, with the added bonus of fishing. Those who come to hike the higher elevation lakes get fly rods to hang out while in the area.

A number of islanders headed south to vacation spots like Mexico. Those who choose to take a fishing charter are lucky to catch sport fish. Regulations are different in Mexico and buyer beware. You need to know the people you are dealing with and buying a ticket to go fishing from beach vendors is not recommended.

Prices vary depending on the size of the boat and the number of people gathering to go fishing. Prices also vary depending on the distance traveled and the price of gasoline is high this year. Spring Break normally takes place in March and by then a number of snowbirds will return to Campbell River and a number will depart for a month of beach, bass and fishing in Mexico.

The time and date for the fly tying for beginners will be determined over the next two weeks. Since we are still in the COVID variant period, group gatherings will be small and I will inform those who have signed up for this program.

I have a few featured lakes that will be fished when the weather warms up and information will be shared here in the fishing corner.

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