Fly fishing gear

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Fly Fishing Gear

The big advantage of Father’s Day for fly fishing dads? The day happens to be smack in the middle of the best part of fly fishing season (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere). This means, of course, that any given equipment – for use on that purling trout stream or endless tarpon dish – can be used right away. Does he need (or want) a new rod or reel? Fly fishing clothes? Fishing sunglasses? A book? Maybe even a guided day on the water? I have a few ideas. Below is a list of 9 items for the fly fishing dad.

Orvis CFO III reel

Orvis has revived the 1971 classic designed by reel building legend Stan Bogdan. A quintessential ratcheting trout reel that is a pure delight to fish with. $329

Hardy Zane Pro Fly Rod

For me, it’s the best license/tarpon rod on the market. It has the backbone to fight the biggest fish and launch into any wind, while still being light in the hand. $950

Bajio Roca Sunglasses

Perhaps the most important part of sight fishing is the ability to see the fish. The Roca’s excellent coverage (and side vents that prevent fogging) keep light out, making it easier to find fish in the water. Comes with polycarbonate or glass lenses. I would suggest the glass. $249 (for glass lenses)

Simms Flyweight Access Boot

Weight and traction are the two most important features when it comes to a wading boot. The Flyweight Access has perfect scores in both. It’s one of the lightest boots in its class, but it doesn’t sacrifice grip on slippery river rocks. Ideal for fishermen who like to walk in isolated places. $250

Free Fly Bamboo Shore Lightweight Hoodie

Fishing shirts are all about feel and protection. This offering from Free Fly feels great on your skin and offers an SPF of 40. Bonus: This hoodie also has uses out of the water for hikers, cyclists, and even golfers. $68

Lone Bison Heritage Fly Table

Did your dad take it to the next level and start tying his own flies? The Legacy is a killer portable table that Dad can place in his lap and tie flies while he watches A river crosses it for the 30e time. The table has holes for every tool he will need and magnets to hold the hooks in place. It’s as much a work of art as the flies Dad will create on it. $315


A superb coffee table book, beautifully written (by Tom Rosenbauer, with a foreword by Callan Wink) and shot (by Brian Grossenbacher), featuring trout waters from around the world. $50


When shopping for dad, may I suggest that you shop at a local fly shop rather than Amazon or one of the big box retailers? You can check your local listings, but here are three good ones: Tailwaters in Dallas, Urban Angler in New York, and Bear’s Den in Taunton, MA. Another idea: go to Geartrade to buy or sell used equipment. Prices vary.


Give Pop a day on the water with a top guide. Again, you should check these local listings, but here are three suggestions: Paul Weamer in the Yellowstone National Park area, Brendan McCarthy for Long Island, and Brian Dopirak in the Tampa-Clearwater area. Prices vary.