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First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

The International Fly Tackle Dealer Show returned to Salt Lake City, Utah last week for the first time since 2019. The American Fly Fishing Trade Association hosted the three-day event showcasing the best brands and new gear from fly fishing. After being postponed for two years in a row, the show felt more like a family reunion, but once the greetings were over, the new gear took center stage.

the Best of pricing was the focus and the new product showcase featured 300 items and 33 categories. All of the major brands showed off their new products except for Patagonia, which didn’t show off any gear and instead donated their booth to the Utah Stream Access Coalition. Here are some of the winners of the Best of categories.

While the show is Best of winners walked away with ground glass awards, these next eight products go home with nods of approval from us. From casting ponds to binding tables, here’s what stood out Field and flow at IFTD 2022.

Orvis Pro Hybrid Wading Boot

The new Orvis wading boot hybrid combines the best of both worlds when it comes to wading boot soles. The middle of the sole is felt and the edges are rubber. Quick-drying microfiber upper with rubber toe and heel provides maximum strength-to-weight ratio. Add studs for even better traction.

Note: This boot will still not be permitted in watersheds where felt is prohibited, including Yellowstone National Park.

Waterworks-Lamson Purist Fly Rod

First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

The Lamson Purist is designed for technical fishing, especially where trout are educated and wary. Designed on the famous Silver Creek, the Purist is perfect for long rigs, small flies and finesse fishing. “All you feel is fish,” says Waterworks-Lamson community manager Nick Torres. “But it’s not a rod for streamers.” You can pick up this two-piece rod in a 3wt, 4wt, or 5wt. You’ll feel the fish with the softer tip and your reel won’t move thanks to its lock-in technology which includes rails along the reel seat.

Rio Feczko Cheeseburger

First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

The Cheeseburger won Best Saltwater Fly Model at the 2022 IFTD. Jeffery Feczko created the model, and it’s a top seller for Rio’s new Tyer Signature Series. Feczko from Ithaca, New York is a self-taught fly fisherman and fly tier. He developed the Cheeseburger for triggerfish, but it also works well on bones and other saltwater fish.

“I started tying flies with my mom’s sewing supplies and carving corks to make poppers so I could spend more time harrying streams instead of mowing lawns to buy supplies,” explains Feczko.

The heavy-gauge hook prevents it from straightening, and the materials serve as a weed-free installation to prevent snags when stripping on the fly.

NRS Slipstream 120 Deluxe Fishing Raft

First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

No more debating whether to take the drift boat or the raft depending on the conditions. The NRS Slipstream 120 combines the benefits of a raft with the fishing capabilities of a drift boat. It has a rowing seat in the middle and casters in the front and back. Stem tubes on the side allow for great organization and storage and help prevent anyone from stepping on a spike. It also features a recessed anchor rope with a ground release when you find a hot pool. The best part? Ground. No more wobbly casts while weaving like trying to stand on a waterbed. The floor of this raft is similar to the stiffer surface of a paddleboard. Most rafts tolerate three pounds of pressure. The Slipstream’s drop-stitch floor tolerates 12 pounds of pressure. More pressure means a stronger position. To top it off, the NRS Slipstream won the Best Boat/Watercraft award at the 2022 IFTD.

artisanal fisherman Magnificently

First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

Stop casting bigger flies just because they have a bigger hook to thread the tapered leader. Magnify what your tired eyes won’t see by attaching this magnetic magnifying glass to your chest or the brim of your hat. This accessory allows 3X magnification and it rotates and swivels. Note: Magnification does not apply to the fish you land.

“My MO helps you stay in the water to fish,” says Phil Montano, owner of Artisan Angler. “It’s about saving everyone from wasting time on the water.”

Catchflo Fly Fishing Themed Shoes

First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

The pair pictured above is from Catchflo’s home water series, which features a watershed of a respective state. Catchflo also makes trout-themed lace-up and slip-on canvas shoes. These include dotted patterns of brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout and many other species. They have a soft insole and a breathable lining. Choose your state or favorite fish species and represent them with pride.

Karmik Outdoors Lost Gear Decal Set

First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

Welcome to lost and found fly fishing. Karmik QR code decals allow anglers to return lost gear to its rightful owner. If you find material with a Karmik QR code sticker, scan it. The owner will then be notified with your email and/or phone number. When the material is returned to its owner, Karmik gives you new material through monthly and annual draws.

“The universe provides karma,” says Robert Gillingham, owner of Karmik Outdoors. “We give the opportunity to do the right thing, and returning material is a karmic act.”

Karmik is new to the product pool but has already put together a GoPro, fly box and paddle with their owners. None of the researchers have accepted any prizes, so the pile of gear gifts continues to grow. Company statistics show that fly fishers return 90% of what they find. The outdoor industry as a whole has a 78% lower return rate.

Fishe Mt. Cuddy Dual Dopp Kit

First Look: The Best New Flies, Rigs and Accessories from IFTD 2022

This double travel bag and fishing bag is the perfect place to store and transport your fly reels and fishing accessories. The Mt. Cuddy Dual Dropp kit can easily store up to 4 reels, plus other fishing essentials like leader, tippet, and fly boxes. The colorful and unique design makes this bag stand out, and when you don’t need it for fishing, it doubles as a travel bag for small items. It has a side handle for easy transport and a sturdy spill-proof design. It has 4.5 liters of storage and measures 11″ x 5″ x 4″.