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Fishing Report: Dry fly fishing takes off as the water warms | Outside

Clarks fork – It is very fishable even in the canyons. The flows were at 1,250 cfs on Monday. North Fork Specials a Bloody Mary or Pheasant Tails will work. Streamers, emergents, and midges will also work. – North Fork Fishermen, Cody.

Lakes of the Cody region – In East and West Newton, dry flies and nymphs work. Try a Griffith’s midge. The damselfish nymphs also work. At Luce and Hogan, use nymphs. Seal Buggers and Para Adams are good choices. Purple Haze is a good choice. – North Fork Fishermen, Cody.

DeSmet Lake – Trolling worms have been effective for trout. Rapalas were also a popular choice this weekend. – The lake stop, Buffalo.

Stockings Shoshone – The flows were 1,235 cfs on Monday. The river has a milky color. Griffith’s Midges, Pheasant Tails, Midges, North Fork Specials, Zebra Midges, and Soft Hackles all work. – North Fork Fishermen, Cody.

North Fork of the Shoshone – The debits were 1,140 cfs on Monday. The recent rains may have made the water a little dirty. An assortment of wet and dry flies works, including Pat’s Rubberlegs. – North Fork Fishermen, Cody.

South Fork of the Shoshone – The debits were 1,650 cfs on Monday. Purple Parachutes, Royal Wulffs, Yellow Humpies, and Red Humpies will all work. – North Fork Fishermen, Cody.

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