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UPDATE: At 1:30 p.m., the Carson City Sheriff’s Office issued the following press release:

On July 9, early in the morning, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and the State’s Investigation Division were called upon to assist Marshal and ATF officers in apprehending a murder suspect in San Jose, California.

The suspect, Adrian Laredo, born October 11, 1994, had been located in a congested area in the North Roop Street and East Corbet Street area, but was in the company of a child under 5.

The child was supposed to be Laredo’s son. Although surveillance teams identified Laredo outside the house several times throughout the morning, whenever he left the house he was accompanied by the toddler.

At 11:30 a.m., the joint agency’s heads of operations decided to use a SWAT team to take the suspect into custody. The suspect was taken into custody at 11:55 am without incident and transported to Carson City jail. No injuries were reported.

While the arrest area was only closed to the public for 15 minutes, the sheriff’s office secured the entire neighborhood all morning until an order was given to take him into custody.

The sheriff’s office has used social media application platforms to notify area residents and businesses to stay indoors.

Full details of the San Jose homicide were not immediately available. However, officers informed local agencies that the homicide took place on June 17 in San José. Details suggest two individuals were shot dead in a robbery and one died of his injuries.

California detectives were dispatched to Carson City early and are expected to conduct follow-up investigations upon their arrival.

Sheriff Furlong said proximity to toddlers remained the biggest concern in the area all morning. However, he was pleased that law enforcement teams were able to develop an effective plan for the arrest that minimizes the risk to innocent bystanders, including children.


Roop Street was briefly closed to traffic on Friday morning while a California murder suspect was arrested.

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