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Gas Prices Hit $5 a Gallon, Leaders Call for Action

Rising prices are beginning to impact tourism and nautical industries

WARWICK, RI (WLNE) – Pump prices that have been skyrocketing for months have now hit $5 a gallon in parts of the state.

“It just makes me want to throw up,” said Heather Cline, a Massachusetts resident who says she commutes to Rhode Island every day for work. His total to complete today: $74.86.

Sen. Jack Reed Monday morning called for action on the Family Savings for Food and Fuel Act that could put $600 per family member back in the pockets of Americans.

“We could do this back to the American people in terms of a debit card that would only buy groceries and gas,” Reed explained.

This bill is currently pending before the Finance Committee, as groceries are up 8.6% and gasoline is up 38%.

“That’s just plain wrong at a time like this. They shouldn’t be raking in windfall profits on the backs of American families,” Rep. Jim Langevin said as he criticized the oil and gas companies.

As well as impacting the day-to-day lives of people like Heather, it may also mean a pause in her summer plans – a trickle-down effect from rising gas prices that could soon impact the world. tourism industry. “I go to New Hampshire often, but I don’t think I go there that often.”

Back home in Rhode Island, Warwick boat owners say the cost of filling means they spend less time on the water. It’s an industry for which the National Marine Manufactures Association brings in about $170 billion a year, but this year revenues could drop.

“I don’t know how they can even think about it,” said Brian Buckless, looking at his neighbours’ boats and wondering how they fill up as he sits peacefully all alone in Warwick.

“I might go fishing a bit more, I won’t spend so much time driving,” he said of his summer plans. “Spending a lot more time at the dock, I guess.”