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Gazza and Seaman sued a reporter who filmed a fishing trip

Tranquility, relaxation and peace are words commonly associated with fishing – unless Arsenal legend David Seaman and England hero Paul Gascoigne are involved.

The Three Lions teammates caught their fair share of fish, but the deadliest catch of the day belonged to a reporter who filmed the duo and former shooter Ian Walker. During the sneaky reporter’s escape, doors were smashed, tires were deflated, a phone was taken and, in almost Scooby-Doo fashion, Piers Morgan was exposed as the mastermind behind the situation.

The controversial former Britain’s Got Talent judge might have got away with it had it not been for the interference of Seaman, Gascoigne and Walker who very quickly unraveled what had happened. And Seaman, who also said he once joked about the fishing trip with Morgan, offered jaw-dropping insight into the bizarre situation.

“We were on this boat fishing and there was this guy who had all the trout and all the gear, fly fishing with a really good cast,” Seaman told the Tubes and Ange Gold Life podcast. “I said, ‘he seems to know what he’s doing.

“Then we went on and I caught a few fish and then the next thing we were like ‘where did that guy go?’ As we were all watching, he popped out from behind the reeds with a huge lens on his camera to take these pictures. Gazza said to me, ‘Let’s go, I want to get the film out of the camera!’

“He starts coming and the guy realizes that so he starts packing up all his gear and dragging it to the parking lot. I phoned the owner of the fishery and said “lock the door, there is a reporter here and I want to get the film out of the camera”. Gazza puts it at the guy’s car and argues shouting “I want this movie, I want this movie” and the guy was like “no chance, no chance”.

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Gascoigne’s love of fishing is well documented

With the same quick-wittedness and precision he has always shown for England and Tottenham, Gascoigne soon spotted an opportunity to extract the film from the camera. Sadly, any leverage from his current plan hasn’t resulted in the end product the ex-midfielder wanted.

“Gazza cut her phone on the dash and said you could pick it up when I got the movie,” Seaman added. “The guy went ‘no way, no way’, freaked out and rolled his window up so he couldn’t talk to us – Gazza started dropping his tires. Then the guy put his foot down and went straight through the gate, smashed the fence, down the road, and skidded down the road never to be seen again.

“Gazza had his phone so I said, ‘press redial’ and it went straight to Piers Morgan and Gazza had a huge argument yelling ‘you print this picture, I’ll never talk to you again!’ It was just before the game against Spain and the next day the front of the Daily Mirror read “Gazza’s Armada, capable Seaman, and Walker the plank!” It was a brilliant headline!