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How to afford a boat amid the pandemic boating boom

Despite the start of the reopening of national and international borders, the Covid-19 pandemic has led many Australians to choose not to travel this summer. Rather than heading overseas, Australians are finding ways to bring holiday fun closer to home, especially with boats. Boating industry experts have reported astronomical demand for new and custom boats, and those selling their used boats have revealed that they are making higher profits than ever.

Positive Loan Solutionsexpert in all types of personal loan Australia wide, reports that boat financing is an easy way to access a new or used boat or watercraft. Instead of buyers saving up over time to buy a boat, they can access their dream boat immediately and pay it off in installments over a few years. Boat finance can cover a range of different types of watercraft: yachts, sailboats, cruisers, fishing dinghies, speedboats, and more.

To have the best chance of being approved for boat financing, Positive Lending Solutions suggests that buyers first choose the boat they want to buy and then look for a loan. Comparing different loans helps identify lenders, loan terms, and features that suit each buyer. Positive Lending Solutions assures borrowers that with the right loan, they can take advantage of the boating boom and enjoy the water sooner.

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