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How to prepare for your first fly fishing trip – Resident Press

If you’ve never fly-fished before, you’re in for a treat! Fly fishing can be a little trickier than conventional fishing. But when you know how to prepare for your first fly fishing trip, you find it more enjoyable than stressful! Nothing beats getting out on the water on a nice day and spending time with Mother Nature. Before setting off on your first excursion, prepare yourself by reading these tips.

Practice Throwing Ahead

Casting is the name of the game with fly fishing. If you learn to throw well, you will have better luck. Work on being able to pick up 30 feet of line. When you do, make a few false throws. Learn how to put it where you want it. You will need practice before you get used to it. Try it in your garden if you can. By practicing range casting, you can develop better drifts and have better luck with the fish.

Get used to wading

Are you going fishing at high altitudes? Wading through the water will help increase your chances of catching a fish, but it takes some practice. Practice wading ahead of time so you spend less time getting used to it while on the water. Of course, you’ll want to have the proper attire for wading, especially in areas with cooler water. Don’t forget the waders!

Verify Equipment in Advanced

Don’t wait until the last minute to check your equipment. Do you have everything you will need? This means more than just a fishing rod, line and hooks – you also want to have the right attire. The weather can change quickly and if you’re in the water you’ll need enough protection to keep you warm. It’s usually a good idea to have multiple layers so you can adjust as needed, especially in months when it’s cool in the morning but warm in the afternoon.

Decorate fly boxes

The last tip on the list for preparing for your first plane trip is to fill your fly boxes. Are you a fly tier? If so, contact your guide or outfitter to determine the correct models. Otherwise, consider checking the local fly shop where you are fishing. They can hook you up with flies, leaders, proper licenses, and anything else you’ll need on your trip. You’ll be enjoying the weather and possibly protecting the environment from invasive species in no time.

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