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The moment I was standing in the bow, ready to throw, brought me back. I remembered watching fly fishing shows on ESPN as a teenager, hoping to catch an episode in which Trevor Gowdy or Andy Mill would also take the bow of a dinghy and wait for his chance. to throw a tarpon. I liked the freshwater episodes of their shows, but loved the ones that take place on the saltwater, even more the ones on the tropical apartments. To a Missouri kid like me, those scenes of anglers throwing silver sport fish into impossibly blue water seemed to come from another world. And for so long I assumed the other side of a TV screen was closest to this world.

But earlier this year, while vacationing in Mexico with my wife, I woke up one morning before sunrise and took a short walk along the beach to meet my fishing guide, Flipper, right at the when he had loaded the last of his gear. in the anchored panga. I put away my own fly gear, and soon we were driving across the gulf towards the entrance to the tarpon apartments.

The author landed his very first tarpon in Mexico. Colin kearns

After Flipper traded the outboard motor for a pole, he gave me some advice on casting with a low profile for those wary fish and hooking up. Then just like those guys on TV were doing, I walked over to the bow and waited for my chance. A small school of juvenile tarpon passed by, out of reach, their dorsal fins cutting the wakes in the shallows. Somehow, the reality of where I was had only settled in then. I’m really here I remember thinking. It’s about to happen.

A similar realization is something that almost every F&S writers and editors I have met have experienced. Often it hits them when they see their name in these pages: I work for Field & Stream. This is how it happens to me, although, admittedly, this feeling doesn’t strike me as often as it did 14 years ago when I started working here. But when it does, let me tell you, it’s as powerful as a tarpon hit.

I say all of this because that feeling has returned, time and time again, as we put this problem together. Something about combining a theme like Classics with a brand like F&S just hit me. Almost like I’m holding the first issue of Field and flow with my name in it, this one brought me back.

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