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India News | BSF seizes Pak fishing boat at Bhuj in Gujarat

New Delhi, April 4th (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) on Sunday evening seized a Pakistani fishing boat in Indian territory at Harami Nala area in Bhuj, Gujarat, it was reported on Monday the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF).

A BSF Bhuj patrol seized the boat 100 meters inside Indian Territory near border post number 1160 in Harami Nala area, BSF Gujarat Frontier said.

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Giving a detailed account of the operation, the BSF said its patrol unit noticed the movement of two Pakistani fishing boats and five Pakistani fishermen near border post number 1160 on Sunday around 8.30 p.m. while patrolling near from boundary marker number 1164 in Harami Nala area.

“The BSF patrol immediately rushed to the spot after crossing the swamps and Nalas on foot. The Pakistani fishermen saw the BSF patrol coming towards them, took advantage of the swampy terrain and fled into Pakistani territory,” the police said. OSB.

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The BSF patrol pursued them and seized a Pakistani fishing boat about 100 meters inside Indian territory near border post number 1160, the force said.

“The seized boat was thoroughly searched and nothing suspicious was recovered from the boat except for some fish, fishing nets and fishing gear. An intensive search of the area is underway,” added the OSB.

In February, the BSF seized 18 Pakistani fishing boats in the general area of ​​Harami Nalla in the Creek area of ​​Bhuj in Gujarat in two separate operations carried out over 10 days.

The operation was then carried out by BSF’s Creek Crocodile commando teams and army troops supported by the Indian Air Force. Six Pakistani nationals were also being held in connection with the operation at the time. (ANI)

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