Fly fishing

It’s “back in the forest” for Rep. Peter DeFazio

I told the chief of police that this was not a playground activity, but an energy efficient means of transport on the snow. And he said, “I’m just a southern boy.” I don’t know anything about skiing, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. Today, they even allow sledding on the Capitol grounds.

Q: You moved home and became a Weaver District Manager for a while.

A: I really wanted to go home to Oregon. So I made a deal with Jim for three months leave, and my wife and I took a ticket with Air India to fly around the world. As long as you continue in the same direction, you can stop at as many places as you want, and it only costs $1,000 or something. So we did that and came back, and then I ran the district office.

Defazio, left, poses with Rep. Jim Weaver while campaigning in Oregon in 1980. (Courtesy Rep. Peter DeFazio)

Q: Your boss was known to be quite stubborn, like the time he tried to make a rare obstruction on the house floor. How did you deal with that kind of zeal?

A: I was there a number of times when he was shoving a lumber baron in the chest and saying, “You can’t have it all.” I will keep the best. We’re going to do a wilderness bill. And a few years later, he won a major wilderness bill that protected significant parts of western Oregon.