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Kootenay Lake Fishing Report | The Nelson Daily

Hooray Hooray, it’s early May. And our spring fishing is starting to get going.

Here are the latest reports

Kootenay Lake

Water temperatures are finally rising after a prolonged spring. Our temperature reached around 40 degrees, which means the fish are starting to wake up.

Most of April saw cooler weather and water, and the fishing was hot and cold. But for about a week the water has started to warm up and we are seeing more fish coming to the surface. Rainbows up to four pounds and bull trout up to 10 pounds have arrived lately. The top three bull trout in the Easter Derby weighed between 5 and 10 pounds.

Due to mixed weather in April, fishing continued to be erratic throughout the month. But the latest global warming has changed things a bit. In fact, on our first trip in May, a group of busy anglers caught over a dozen fish. And another day we managed to hook about twenty fish. Well, the feeding has started.

Mostly rainbows lately, but expect bull trout to get more aggressive as the water warms. And because of the warming trend, the streams are starting to flow and a little more food is pouring into the lake. This has the fish looking up. Most of our fish are currently surface caught, and this is expected to continue through May and June.

The phone is ringing and people are eager to get out of the house. We look forward to a busy month and hope that the weather will finally become consistent.

It’s time to go out.

Columbia River

The river is still low, but the water temperature is warming up.

Like the lake, the fish begin to feed more aggressively. Some big rainbows up to six pounds have arrived. Also getting in some walleyes again this spring. This will probably slow down a bit as spawning time approaches, but pick up when it’s all over.

Fly fishing seems to be more productive now as hatching has started. We seem to have more action on the fly rods than on the spinning rods.

I can’t wait for the water to reach that magical temperature and for the fish to really light up.

Stay tuned….

What are they biting???

Kootenay Lake rainbows have been taking bucktail flies lately. Our favorite color over the past two weeks has been #22 or #26. These colors always seem to produce at this time of year. As the water rises and begins to stain, consider using different patterns with greens or golds as they will show up better in the stained water.

Our normal range of lures to start the day with are Bucktails on one side of the boat and Gibbs/Delta Spoons on the other side of the boat. The brass/fire band or the brass/fire wing crocodile is always a must for us.

And on the low riggers, we hooked a few bull trout between 100 and 150 feet. The ‘STS’ turn signal or the ‘Lemon Lime’ turn signal were our favorites. Followed by spatterback green or pistachio green hoochie.

On the river, it was pretty good using an indicator and a nymph. Also swinging streamers along the seams was produced. Anglers ashore had a few on the bottom bouncer with bait.

That pretty much sums it all up for now.

It’s the start of our favorite time of the year. The water temperature is rising. Water levels are rising. And the fish come to life!

Stay tuned for the best action of the year coming May and June.

Tight lines……

Kerry Red, Reel Adventures Sport Fishing