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Mangaluru: fishermen have good catches, a smile on their face

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (SP)

Mangaluru, September 11: The fishermen are happy because they have obtained catches of fish of the variety which can be exported. With this, they are happy that luck smiled on them after a long wait, at the very start of the new fishing season.

The fishery has been hit hard by one problem after another over the past year. Trawler operators caught fish of varieties like squid, Rani fish, etc. this time. Even the owners of purse seiners make good catches. Fish lovers in the neighborhood get their hands on fresh fish of exotic varieties.

Fish for export are sent to Kochi, Goa and Gujarat. 90 percent of the vessels started fishing after the diesel subsidy issue was resolved. After a two-year hiatus, during which the fishing industry was affected by the Covid, the lack of manpower, the cyclone etc. fishermen have much to celebrate. The rise in diesel prices had also affected them greatly.

The new fishing season should have opened on August 1 after the fishing vacation. But due to the delay in obtaining the diesel subsidy booklets, most boats became fully engaged in fishing after August 15 after obtaining tax-free diesel at the diesel delivery point.

The sea is now calm, the environment is ideal for big game fishing. Other activities that depend on fishing such as ice factories, shops, hotels, fish cutting, transport and other sectors have also started to operate full time. Fishworkers receive good wages and those who sell fish from homes or small markets make a profit. Likewise, the fishing in Malpe was also good this time around. The fishermen very much hope that this environment will prevail throughout the year.

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