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Military hats Ayungin supply task; The parliamentary bloc calls for an investigation

The Makabayan bloc tabled a resolution calling on the House of Representatives to consider the Nov. 16 incident in Ayungin Shoal, in which Chinese coastguard ships blocked and water-cannoned Philippine supply ships en route to a supply mission inside the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

Finally, refueling mission

The army, meanwhile, announced that it had completed its mission of supplying its troops aboard the partially sunk BRP Sierra Madre on Tuesday, exactly one week after Chinese Coast Guard ships attacked with cannons. two Filipino civilian supply boats.

The delivery of supplies has apparently been accompanied by the deployment of scheduled rotational troops aboard the Sierra Madre, which is used as an outpost by the military to secure the Ayungin Shoal.

“The two civilian supply boats piloted by the Philippine Navy arrived at the Sierra Madre in the Ayungin Shoal at 11 a.m. today without any untoward incident,” Defense Secretary Delfin N. Lorenzana said shortly after. hours after the two boats reached the Sierra Madre. “They are currently unloading personnel and goods. After a few days, they will return to Oyster Bay, ”added the defense chief, referring to the Philippine navy base in Palawan.

The resupply mission was undertaken after Lorenzana said on Sunday that he ordered the Western Command of the Armed Forces to carry out the aborted activity, with the Chinese ambassador in Manila also assuring that Beijing would not interfere with the mission. replenishment.

China’s “aggression and arrogance”

IN the filing of House Resolution 2370 last Monday, the Makabayan bloc said the Ayungin Shoal incident is just another manifestation of China’s growing “aggression and arrogance” in the claim and annexation of Philippine waters and territories.

“The past few years have seen how China converted the Philippine seas and fishing grounds into military installations, how China intimidated and threatened Filipino fishermen outside their own fishing grounds, and how China openly plundered or destroyed the country’s maritime resources, “he said.

“The government’s cowardly stance and failure to defend the country’s own valid and legitimate claims in these waters has further emboldened China to behave like an imperial hooligan in the Philippines’ own territory,” the bloc added.

According to the bloc, “the Duterte administration’s” kneeling or war policy in its relations with China is only a thin veil to conceal its apparent servility to an imperialist power like China. ” Countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and others have strongly opposed China’s expansionism without causing any real threat of invasion or war.

The bloc also said it was the duty of Congress to ensure that our territorial integrity is intact, that local and international laws are respected and recognized, and more importantly, that the security and economic rights of our people. are protected and guaranteed. It is also the duty of Congress and all Filipino Patriots to defend our territories from foreign domination and intrusion.

Image courtesy of Secretary of Defense Delfin Lorenzana