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More bass and trout should come out if the weather remains stable

News from Jan at Kingfisher at PMB: “The weather has been a bit the opposite recently to what it’s supposed to be at this time of year — winter, what winter? – and while last week’s Super Moon would have had a negative impact on some of the fishing, there have been some great reports in the meantime of fish playing ball… so let’s stick to it!

Albert Falls Dam hosted the inaugural SA Bass Anglers Association (Sabaa) Junior National Championship last weekend, and sadly it appears these anglers weren’t so lucky, with only six fish caught. by seven fishermen over the two days. Sorry to hear that guys, biting fish keep your spirits up…better luck next time!

“No further news from Alberts, but word from Midmar is that he fished well again. Anglers using a variety of soft plastics got a number of fish up to about a kilo, nothing BIG For now. It is expected that if the weather stays stable for a while, the bass fishing will improve a lot. Fingers crossed!

“After the malaise that plagued Stage Three of the TOPS Corporate Challenge at Nottingham Road two weeks ago, it looks like the trout are back in the game. With the right weather, calm waters have settled in and anglers are reporting crystal clear, glass-like conditions… along with many sightings of good fish cruising through the shallows in their courtship pursuits. Trout close to shore are usually scared on approach, but with their minds fixed elsewhere, false casts and rod flashes don’t seem to deter them at this time.

“So while the wind is considered the arch enemy of fly fishing, lining up fish in today’s flat water conditions has been compared to dropping a grenade into the water…the result being that fish are rushing in all directions!A solution can be found in super long leaders [as long as you can handle … some going 20-24ft!] and using an ultra-fine point in combination with small natural patterns like nymphs [e.g. PTN, Zak, GRHE in size16 or smaller], gnat and bloodworm… fished in combination and almost static. This is often called a “clothesline”.

Some good advice recently received from a well-known guide for fishing at this time of year: moving flies will attract small fish [aka stockies … who are like magpies], but if you want to catch big fish, don’t move your fly. Patience is the word for water right now: as mentioned last week, it might be like watching paint dry, but it’s a very effective technique when fish are otherwise in cold conditions crystalline.

“Reports from anglers from the Natal Fly Fishers Club (NFFC) show that a wide range of fish are caught – from the smallest stockies [moving flies?], through the mid-range, to excellent fish in the 58-63 cm / 23-25 ​​inch bracket! Congratulations to these fishermen…

“At this week’s meeting of the Natal Fly Dressers Society (NFDS), Jan Korrubel demonstrated a style of yesteryear: ‘casual dress’, which was popular in the 70s and 80s. has proven to be a proven angler and a highly adaptable model open to a number of variations. As mentioned earlier, anyone interested in fly tying [new or experienced]Log into the Kingfisher-PMB and chat with Jan for more company information and meeting schedules, which take place on the second Tuesday of the month.

The scaly [Natal Yellowfish] anglers are busy, with reports of fish from the Umkomaas Valley. The first days again, with calm days and more fireworks. The scale fishing is expected to resume very soon, with the Umkomaas and Tugela rivers providing excellent fishing.

Thank you very much Jan.

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