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Nearby waters attract more attention as gas prices rise and travel slows

Over the winter I made big plans for the upcoming fishing season, even booked air travel to Canada, but now with what’s going on in the world, who knows how far and how many times I will go fishing this year.

With the price of gas, I’m going to have to think long and hard before plugging the boat in and driving two or three hours to go fishing.

In fact, I was talking to a friend last week and he joked with the gas situation, “I guess we’re going to read a lot of stories about you catching bluegill on the pond this year.”

Well, I don’t think it’s going to be that bad, but those weeks of fishing on Lake Erie one day and the Ohio River the next are probably out of the question unless things change. I am, however, engaged in a few long distance trips which you will probably read about, including the walleye run on the Sandusky River (Fremont), and hope to return a few weeks later to catch white bass, a trip three days at Près Isle in Erie, PA, and another camping trip with my wife to Pymatuning, which happens to be my favorite fishing lake in Ohio. The wife and I are also booked for four days on the Allegheny Reservoir in Pennsylvania this summer.

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One trip Art Holden plans to take this spring is bass and walleye fishing at the Pymatuning Reservoir on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.  Some of his trips he had planned for this year, however, could be cut if gas prices continue to rise.

The advantage: smaller lakes and rivers will have some play

I had planned to fish some new waters in New York this spring, but that’s on hold, as are other out-of-state opportunities. The advantage of the situation is that I can now focus on some of the smaller lakes and rivers in and around Wayne, Holmes and Ashland counties, and let you know what the fishing and amenities are like in possibly Spencer, Killbuck Lakes, Atwood, Pleasant Hill and Charles Mill.

Art Holden

Maybe I’ll try Killbuck Creek and the Beach City Spillway, fish some new spots on the Tuscarawas River, or get into some private lakes in the area.

Who knows what summer will bring, but one thing I do know is that at the end of July I will be leaving for the province of Manitoba on a fishing trip by plane 300 miles north of Winnipeg. This is the trip of a lifetime that my son, Izzy, and I have been dreaming about for a few years now, and I hope it will live up to our expectations. I’m sure I’ll have more on the trip planning and the actual trip closer to our departure in late July.

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Watch out for sunfish at Portage Lakes

In the meantime, I’m starting to think about targeting more panfish this year. I had fun doing this this winter while ice fishing, but now I’ve packed up all my ice fishing gear and can’t wait to start the open water fishing season. But, knowing that bluegill and crappie fishing might be more prevalent this year than rainbow trout, walleye and bass, I transferred some of the micro baits and ice jigs in the boat’s panfish box, especially now that Portage Lakes may be as far away as I’ll be fishing for a few weeks.

Fishing Portage Lakes isn’t a bad thing, as bluegill and bass populations are good, and places like Miller and Hower on the Akron-area chain of lakes are often overlooked by many. fishermen. You actually need a kayak or canoe to go under the North Reservoir Road at Hower Lake. The boat can take precedence over kayaking and waders this summer.

Trying to get your hands on slippery rainbow trout while fishing at the mouth of the Grand River into Lake Erie at Fairport Harbor could be out of the question this year if gas prices don't return to the normal.

Changes Coming to Fall Brawl in Lake Erie

When the Lake Erie Walleye Fall Brawl ended last fall, the event was purchased by Big Water Walleye Championships and Frank Murphy’s Jason Fischer. BWWC also operates the seven-event Lake Erie Walleye Trail.

Interestingly, Cabela’s, the main sponsor last year and where all the fish were weighed, appears to have a lesser sponsor role this year, and the fish will no longer be registered at the Avon store. Instead, one of the big changes will be three weigh-in locations, one site east, west and center, which will allow Lake Erie anglers to officially check their walleye.

Fischer announced several changes to the 2022 Lake Erie Fall Brawl, including the opening of Michigan and Pennsylvania waters to the contest, one of the reasons for the weigh-in location at Maumee (Jann’s Netcraft) and Madison (DB Marine). Sandusky Bait and Tackle will be the center basin weigh-in location. There will also be a new kayak division and a women’s division.

Another big change will be the randomly selected entry prizes. Everyone who signs up will be entered (first place a Chevy 1500 pickup), with the chance to earn more entries by spending money at sponsors and attending entry nights (like the one held every year at Mid Ohio Sporting Goods).

Registration begins Thursday at the Cleveland Boat Show, as well as online. The cost of entry is $35.

Spring Migration of Shreve

MIGRATION BACK TO GREATER – Shreve’s annual spring migration sensation was held last Saturday, a shadow of what it has been in the past. Of course, the weather was not conducive to large crowds and hordes of migrating waterfowl. The running joke is that if you want to know which weekend in March will be the coldest with a possibility of snow, just check when the migration sensation is forecast.

Even with last Saturday’s conditions, the event was intentionally scaled back, but is expected to return to full glory next year. The event has not only had to battle the weather, but the Covid pandemic in recent years, but organizers are hoping to up the ante next spring.

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