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Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company takes a multi-dimensional approach to reducing sales at its St. John’s shop.

A business associated with two luxurious Labrador salmon fishing lodges, the Water Street store opened last spring. In addition to its retail section, the store has a large meeting space where staff conduct free workshops.

“While it’s not part of our income-generating activity, it will fuel the sport and it will likely turn into business,” said Tyrone Buckle, Acting Director, seated in the comfortable Atlantic Rivers meeting space. . the goal: the goal is to build a community, and naturally from there, the store should benefit from it.


The Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company store carries a variety of fly fishing gear, as well as camping, hunting and hiking supplies. – Contributed

“We see a lot of people who want to learn to fly in a tie, who want to learn to throw. Even inquiries on how to catch a moose … these are some of the types of workshops we get as well. “

Buckle is also the director of operations for the internationally renowned LOOP Tackle brand in North America and South America. Chris Verbiski, co-discoverer of the Voisey’s Bay nickel mine, owns both LOOP Tackle and Atlantic Rivers, including the retail store and the two fishing lodges. LOOP’s Canadian base is St. John’s, and the company was moving from a leased building to the newly constructed space on Water Street when the retail store vision was first discussed.

“The idea was to have a LOOP showroom in this same facility,” Buckle explained. “So as we started down this path, we bought this building and started to design what a LOOP showroom would look like, and the more we think about it with the people who go to the lodges, you want these few things. extra that they may need as they go north fishing.

“As we started to think about bringing in some of these things, the store took on a shape of its own.”

Saturday Mornings on the River – An Introduction to Fly Fishing with Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company Launch …

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Wide selection

The concept evolved from a simple showroom for LOOP Tackle equipment to a place where outfitting enthusiasts could check out a variety of needs. Atlantic Rivers offers camouflage clothing and clothing that could look great whether you are in the woods or at home, hiking and hunting boots, hunting and camping gear, among others.

“I would classify us as a pretty comprehensive outdoor store,” Buckle said. “We focus on fly fishing, but over there it would be hiking, hunting. As we continue to grow we will be adding archery and guns to the store.

The St. Lewis River Lodge is one of two Labrador salmon fishing lodges owned by Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company.  - Contributed
The St. Lewis River Lodge is one of two Labrador salmon fishing lodges owned by Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company. – Contributed

The insulating nature of COVID-19 has increased interest in large outdoor spaces. Atlantic Rivers intended to open the store last April, but had to wait until the following month as public health and safety restrictions were reduced.

“What we noticed during COVID are people, where they can’t travel, think, how can I be entertained? How can I spend quality time with my family while still being here in Newfoundland? It’s not going to Disneyland or Prince Edward Island…

“We are blessed. Newfoundland has some of the richest fishing, hunting and hiking experiences in the world, and I think, luckily Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are returning to some of the traditional activities that we used to do … a lot of beautiful places, and I think people are really hanging on to them now and realizing how worth it and how there are absolutely fantastic experiences close to their homes. “

Tyrone Buckle is the interim manager of the Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company retail store in St. John's.  - Contributed
Tyrone Buckle is the interim manager of the Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company retail store in St. John’s. – Contributed

Buckle also expects people to have some extra cash to spend on outdoor recreation equipment as they aren’t planning vacations elsewhere.

“It’s probably money that you can take and invest in your family… Maybe it’s a bike, maybe it’s a fly rod. And luckily for us, it does. quite a few fly rods. “

Andrew Robinson is a business reporter in St. John’s.
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