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Pioneer Remembers As More Women Begin Fly Fishing | New

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) – Traditionally considered a men’s sport, fly fishing has grown in popularity among women and girls in recent years, and women make up its largest demographic.

Jen Ripple, editor-in-chief of DUN Magazine, an international women’s fly fishing magazine, said there could be a number of reasons for this, but mostly because the sport has become much more affordable and women are being encouraged to see yourself trying it.

“If they see someone who is just an ordinary woman who picked up a fly rod and had a good time… that’s something women look at and say, ‘Hey, maybe that’s it. -be an activity that I can do with my friends with my family, ”she said.

Fly fishing is a sport similar to conventional fishing which uses a fly instead of a lure and weighted lines instead of monofilament lines.

“The difference is that in a conventional fishing condition you are using a weighted lure,” said Ripple, a professional fly fisherman and fly fishing educator. “Our flies don’t weigh anything, so the way we get our fly to our target is through a weighted line.”

Although dominated by men, fly fishing has a rich history of involving women, Wisconsin Public Radio reported.

Carrie Frost was a fly fisherwoman and pioneer who used her fly fishing experience to start her own business which employed mostly women in Stevens Point.

Ripple said that Frost, born in 1868, had found success in part thanks to her interest in the local environment. She made flies with local feathers and furs to mimic local insects. At the time, the flies mainly came from Europe.

“She also tied up flies that look like the bugs that were in her area,” Ripple said. “And I think that’s a super important part because the flies in English waters don’t always compare in color and size to what she saw in Wisconsin.”

But even before Frost, as early as the 15th century, some historians believe that the first book on fly fishing was written by a nobility born nun, Dame Juliana Berners, who wrote “Treatyse of fysshynge wyth an Angle” or “Corner Fishing Treatise,” which touched on everything from dyeing horsehair for different water conditions to conservatism.

Although she came from an angling family, Ripple didn’t fall in love with the sport right away. It took him enrolling in a fly tying course in Michigan before it really became a passion.

Ripple said the sport is accessible to young children as well, naming Maxine McCormick, a teenage girl many believe to be the best spell caster in the world.

“Fly fishing has absolutely nothing to do with strength, which makes it perfect for women and men young and old,” she said.

And, she said, for male fathers and caregivers, it’s important to pay attention to cues from their children, and especially their daughters, who are showing interest in sports.

“I think a lot of fathers overlook the fact that their daughters might want to try this,” she said.

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