Fly fishing

Postcards show America at its best

“Extend your vacation as much as possible.”

–Adrienne Posey

I was trying to figure out how many of the 50 states I’ve actually “set foot in” and I think that’s a modest 32. I was wondering because Jane Frain mentioned that she has now visited all but Hawaii, while sending a postcard from Arches National Park in Utah. “Nowhere have I seen more spectacular landscapes! she writes. “I was very happy that my daughter Sharon was driving. Lots of corners with a 15mph limit!”

Speaking of Hawaii, Martha Barnes and Pat Cole say “Aloha from Hawaii!” where they were island hopping in June.

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Tourbillon and Barb Marsh, of Martinez, sent a postcard from Ketchikan, Alaska, where they found “beautiful scenery, great weather,” and added, “Hope this fills up your state list.”

Lynn, Diana and prosecute sent a postcard from south of the border in South Carolina en route to Cape May for their annual “Sisters Get Together.” Then they added a postcard that shows the Cape May–Lewes Ferry that took them from Delaware to New Jersey, and another card that shows the Kalmar Nyckel, a “tall ship.”

Bill Kirby, Augusta Chronicle

William and Anita McKie sent a baseball stadium postcard (my favorite) showing Busch Stadium in St. Louis. They also got to see the Cardinals beat the Giants. This was William’s 28th MLB park and he plans to see them all. They also sent a postcard from Alaska where they saw “no ball game, but still a ball”.

Alain Griffin, of Martinez, sends a card from West Virginia where he and Alain Jr. spent a week in June fly fishing near Elkins. “The Mountain State is truly beautiful and the weather was beautiful,” he wrote.

lonnie and Sandy send a map of California and a tour that included San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sacramento, Kennedy Mine (gold), Yosemite and the beautiful redwoods.

An Augusta-area quilting group sends in a map of Vermont and a tour of the country’s heritage quilt. Their report: “We visit quilt shops, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and the Shelburne Museum. We also enjoy our stay at the Trapp Family Lodge. The people, food and views are GREAT!”

Rudy and Cheryl Dixon send a colorful postcard from Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, where they are “enjoying cooler temperatures and a beautiful lake.”

Ginny and Jeff Guerrant, from Aiken, found good weather (and a postcard) in Madrid, Spain! They also found “lots of traffic”.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? We still have a few weeks left in the summer vacation season. Why not send me a postcard at 725 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901. Descriptions of your travels inspire us all.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Raphael Leander share this one.

An angel told a man he could take anything to heaven when he died. The man immediately packed two suitcases full of solid gold bars. When he died, he gathered his suitcases and met Saint-Pierre at the pearly gates.

Saint Peter said, “Let’s see what you have brought.

He opened them both, looked inside and exclaimed, “Cobblestones? Did you bring cobblestones?

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