Fly fishing rod

River full of fish with pedal boats

River full of fish with pedal boats

The Hobie Float Cat is a compact hybrid fishing boat that contains a pair of hard plastic pontoons.

The user sits on a fabric seat between the pontoons. You can hang your legs over the edge of the seat in the water or rest them above the water against a foot splint.

There is a small platform behind the seat that holds a small cooler and paraphernalia. There is also a rod holder on both sides which can hold a fly rod, spinning rod or bait casting rod.

The user propels and steers the boat by kicking or dragging their feet. If the water is shallow enough, you can anchor the boat in the current by sinking your feet into the bottom. In deeper water, you propel the boat with a pair of long oars that are secured in oar locks. When not in use, the oars fold up and do not interfere with casting.

Modern versions of this type of transportation have inflatable pontoons that sit inside heavy-duty fabric bags. The seats are a bit more comfortable and they have a bit more storage space.

It’s a great way to fish in streams, especially in the summer when the upper reaches of streams and rivers become too dry for canoes and kayaks. However, you have to get out and pull a kick boat through narrow, winding tracks, especially if they have overhanging low branches or strains. Inflatable versions don’t shoot as deep and bounce off rocks, so you can float them more easily in shallow water and rapids.