Finance fishing boats

Russian fishing vessels now only allow access to three ports in northern Norway – and will be checked at each docking

The important fisheries cooperation

Russian fishing vessels have therefore been and still are partially exempted from the existing Norwegian port ban vis-à-vis the Russian side, the basis of which is that sanctions against Russian fishing vessels could undermine the essential cooperation between the Norway and Russia in the area of ​​fisheries.

Norway and Russia have cooperated for many decades in the management of common fish stocks in the Barents Sea, such as the largest cod stock in the world.

In two weeks, Norwegian and Russian authorities are to determine quotas for 2023 based on the advice of marine scientists from both countries. Among other things, they recommend a significantly lower cod quota.

“Norway has cooperated with Russia in fisheries for nearly 50 years, including throughout the Cold War. We have an important responsibility to ensure proper management of the fish stocks we share with Russia. “, said Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries Bjørnar. Skjæran (Work) and continues:

“We are dependent on operational fisheries cooperation with Russia for this to happen. The exception for Russian fishing vessels therefore remains but is hereby reduced.”

According to the Norwegian government, the changes will be implemented shortly.