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Souvenir from the fishing activity at Campbell River Lodge – Campbell River Mirror

At the time, the large wood carving of a fisherman holding a salmon caught my eye and it was time to come in and take a look.

The lobby at Campbell River Lodge is a collection of photos of movie stars, politicians, and in general, of people holding big fish, then returning home, spreading the word and returning to fish the following year. The lodge had a pub and restaurant, the atmosphere was fun and the rooms were clean and comfortable.

The lodge had outdoor seating and the most important part of its location was that the Campbell River is a short walk from the property and fishermen came from all over the world to fish for salmon.

Today the sculpture of the fisherman with his salmon has disappeared and the hotel has undergone some changes with new owners and the pub and restaurant are closed. The name has changed to Campbell River Lodge Riverside and I was fortunate enough to return there last week.

Kevin Giroday from Vancouver called me and he was moving a boat from Quadra Island to Vancouver and he told me he was booked for the night. The weather was perfect to sit outside and watch the Campbell River and watch the chinook salmon roll into the pool and the number of anglers with rods in hand going out to fish, hook and release the spawning salmon.

A couple from Olds, AB were nearby and they mentioned that they come to Campbell River every year and that they will be going to Gold River. A few guys from Victoria went to the river to spend the afternoon chasing the flies. A group of construction workers from Chile had shown me the fly models they used, and they had success with roses, trout, and chinook. All the fish have been released. The fish scale is still there and public access to the river is through the property, but you must be registered to access the Campbell River.

The fishing season around Campbell River is far from over, but in some cases it has slowed down. Salmon fishing locally has been good, but some of the local guides venture further afield to get bigger fish.

The Tyee season has been good this year and more fish were caught this year than the previous year. The Tyee Club season is over and over 30 Salmon have reached the ladder this year and have registered as Tyee. Bruce Preston got the first Tyee on August 6th and the rower was Rick Joubert.

If you have a rod and reel, try the Discovery Pier. A number of local fishermen took the time and a large Chinook was recently hooked up but not landed.

The local rivers are laden with roses and the male fish have a huge hump and get darker, but for the smoker they are doing just fine.

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