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Supreme has a collaboration with out-of-this-world fishing gear

Supreme is instead in a niche for its latest collaboration, in partnership with the Japanese fishing brand South2 West8. The result is some of the strongest fishing gear you’ve ever seen, but in the age of fashionable gorp immersion, you don’t have to know how to throw a real one to kiss the gorp. look.

Rooted in cult, South2 West8 is under the Nepenthes umbrella with engineering clothing and needles. The brand caters to the needs of fly fishermen, especially the “Tenkara” method popular on its home island of Hokkaido. The term roughly translates to “from heaven” or “from heaven” and implies minimal fishing rods with traditional Japanese hair burrs.

Together, Supreme and South2 West8 offer an assortment of outdoor gear without lacking pockets or glare. A range of jackets, pants, vests and fleeces use existing South2 West8 iconography, including camouflage so shiny it won’t hide you from anyone.

In America, South2 West8 is loved by the type of fashion bros who stopped wearing Supreme years ago and moved on to more obscure guys. Now that two brands have collided, the same guys are probably making their best impression of Michael Corleone and saying, “Just when I thought I was out, they’re bringing me back.”

Standing Equipment – Supreme and South2 West8’s 15-piece capsule has just about everything you need to wear fishing – or cosplay as a linesman as you stroll down the street in the hopes of someone complimenting. your cut. The camouflage, watercolor-like prints and Wiccan graphics of South2 West 8 appear on jackets, parkas, vests and pants suitable for all weather conditions.

Fleece jackets, the ultimate fodder for gorp enthusiasts, are also appearing and are sure to be one of the toughest cops. There’s also a long-sleeved t-shirt if dress code is less your thing, and the front of the accessory is represented by a mesh play bag and hats of the jungle, bush and balaclava variety. Above all, Supreme and South2 West8 also made a co-branded Tenkara fishing rod – and we just hope they will be put to good use instead of being mounted on the walls of a cluster of Ikea-decorated apartments.

Even if you are not specifically a fisherman, the merchandise can easily be adapted for a wider range of outdoor activities when you are talking to other people buying from REI or Cabela’s. The River Trek jacket strips completely to be worn as a short-sleeved shirt, while the matching pants can also be zipped into shorts – just a few modular pieces of several. Supreme’s gorpy collaborations are often the best, but South2 West8’s jawnz are on a whole new level.

Down this week – As always, Supreme’s latest drop will drop at 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, April 22 across the streetwear brand’s website and physical stores. South2 West8’s gear can be quite expensive, so don’t be surprised if beacons come more around the Stone Island range than The North Face.

Such hot outdoor gear, however, is priceless.

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