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The 10 best gifts for fishermen during the holidays

Whether you’re a fly fishing fanatic who enjoys wading or a reel and boat guy, you probably need some updated gear. Fortunately, the holidays are fast approaching.

Most anglers already have at least the basics, such as a good fishing rod and a quality vest and hat. People with more outdoor experience probably have more than that, like proper footwear, navigation devices, binoculars, and useful little gadgets like leader hair straighteners. But don’t worry, there are enough quality items that there won’t be a new giveaway this year.

Here are ten of the best gifts you can give the fisherman in your life.

MSR Guardian Water Purifier

MSR Guardian Purifier.

For the angler who enjoys taking long trips or just going out to a remote location for a day, this is an ideal gift. Instead of lugging around a heavy container of water around your home, you can drink however you want, with the added reassurance that the water will be purified and drinkable. This purifier can slip into your backpack or the back of your vest fairly easily, and if you’ve never had the pleasure of it, you’ll gain a whole new respect for a drink drawn straight from fresh water in which You play.

Nathan Summit Polarized Glasses

Nathan Summt sunglasses.

These non-slip goggles from Nathan are lightweight, fit beautifully, and cut through the annoying glare that water often throws your way. The design is such that you don’t even notice you are wearing them, whether you are sitting in a boat waiting for the marlin to bite or moving down a river or walking to your favorite fishing hole. And while you’re at it, get yourself a good strap for these glasses.

Columbia Fish flap sandals

Columbia Fish Flip Sandals.

With fishing, there are almost always adjustments and disassembly. Before and after the main event, it’s nice to just slip on a practical pair of sandals. This Columbia pair is comfortable and grippy, whatever the weather. Shoot, if the weather is nice on the boat, you won’t even need to get out.


Need a thoughtful gift that will ensure there are plenty of healthy watersheds to keep fishing for generations to come? Donate to a number of great organizations working on their behalf, from Trout Unlimited to more locally focused efforts like PLWA in Montana. Wherever it is you or the fisherman you give gifts to, there are some great organizations that strive to keep streams, rivers and bays healthy and teeming with fish.

Fish-themed alcohol

Dry fly distilled wheat whiskey.

A good fishing story is all the better with a post-trip drink. You can keep the fishing theme alive with an array of beers, wines and spirits that soak up fishing folklore. Try sniffing in places like Drizly and for some options. We’re fans of Big Sky Brewing’s Trout Slayer Ale, the many flavorful spirits of Dry Fly Distilling, and the wines of Lange Estate in the Willamette Valley, to name a few.

Rapala Digital Fishing Scale

Rapala digital fish scale.

It’s nice to know how big that cod or that salmon is. We won’t stop you from telling your fishing buddies the truth, but for your sake knowing exactly what you are dealing with in terms of weight is very helpful (especially if you fish a lot and aim to keep them).

Nite Ize RunOff waterproof wallet

Nite Ize waterproof wallet.

Keep your items safe on the go with a simple yet effective waterproof wallet like this. It can withstand being submerged for up to half an hour without sacrificing the contents. Even if you have a reliable place for your ID and the like while fishing, switch to something like this to avoid a possible headache.

Stanley classic thermos

Whether it’s getting up early while they bite and need a hot coffee or wanting a still cold brew by the time you’re out of the water, a well-insulated container is really a necessity. This vintage thermos is great for any kind of liquid, hot or cold, and looks pretty darn good to house it too. Timelessness has never tasted so good, especially after a record-breaking day on the river.

The Whole Fish Cookbook

The Whole Fish Cookbook.

The best cookbook will make you look at your catch a little differently, especially if you’ve always wanted to cook more with the day’s earnings. You will learn how to use it all as well as how to prepare it in a different and more interesting way. Even if you don’t fish for food, this book will point you to the seafood or freshwater protein section of your favorite market to get you ready. Our friend Jamie Oliver approves of it, as do we.

The North Face Dryzzle Futurelight Jacket

Dryzzle North Face jacket.

A compact and lightweight waterproof jacket can save you a day on the water, especially when it breathes and protects as well as it does. It is very resistant to wind and driving rain and can be easily stowed away in a bag or vest when not needed. The hood fits well and the whole jacket is nice and stretchy, ideal when you move your arms a lot during the fishing routine.

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