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The arrival of spring means more anglers on East Texas waterways

GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) – As spring arrives in East Texas, the weather is warming and the waterways are starting to see more activity, especially with fishermen.

Texas game wardens expect lakes and rivers to be clogged with them every spring. Making sure they all follow the rules will take a lot of the game warden’s time.

Beautiful sunny skies over Lake Gladewater showed all the signs of spring. Fishermen were everywhere.

“As always, we will be present on the lakes. We see a lot of people with different skills, skill levels and experience levels,” Gregg County Game Warden Todd Long said.

In 2019, freshwater fishing attracted an estimated 39 million participants, nearly twice as many as saltwater fishing and fly fishing combined.

This number continues to grow.

With so many anglers on the streams, what takes game wardens the most time is checking licenses and bag limits.

“The game wardens are generally quite scattered. Many of us span multiple counties. It can be a long day,” Long said.

Bag and length limits and gear restrictions are set for a good reason.

Violating current fishing regulations could create an imbalance in the ecosystem.

“You can overharvest. Conservation is essential. It’s not an infinite resource,” Long said.

Licenses are important. Money from the purchase of a state fishing license is spent on lake and river surveys, stocking and hatchery programs, improving the habitat of fish courses. water, educational programs, conservation officer budgets, infrastructure and outreach programs.

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