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The first day of spring fishing in Ames was a catch

AMES, Iowa – Fishing enthusiasts braved the cold to find the perfect catch. Ames Parks and Recreation and Jax Ames Outdoor Gear held a spring fishing meet at Lake Ada Hayden on Saturday morning.
The event took place just after the Iowa DNR restocked the lake with over 2,000 trout for the season.
It welcomed all types of fishermen, including children and introduced newcomers to conventional and fly fishing, trout fishing…
Ash Burton, the owner of Skunk Bugs Fresh Water Flies gave the lessons.
Stacey Brothers, marketing coordinator for Jax Ames Outdoor Gear, thinks this event could inspire people to learn something new.

“He is [Burton] is there to give fly fishing lessons, is that cool? Because, you know, we know regular fishing because people come here and fish all the time, but fly fishing is new to a lot of people. So it’s an opportunity to get out there and learn how to catch and steal fish,” Brothers said.

The Iowa State Fishing Club president believes this event will help develop a new generation of anglers as the weather warms.

“I really love what Jax is doing here at Ames and not only helping bring the community to fish but also showing off the great Ada Hayden lake we have. It is an excellent fishery. The DNR has just stocked more than 2000 trout there. So it would be really nice to bring the community here. And we just wanted to volunteer and help out and kind of make our mark here in the state of Iowa.

The event was open to everyone. A fishing license and a trout stamp were required to participate in the event.

According to the MNR website, a resident fishing license costs $22 and an additional trout fishing license costs $14.50. For more information or to purchase a fishing license, you can go to the Iowa DNR website.

Ames Parks and Recreation and its sponsors hope to turn Spring Fishing Day into an annual event.