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Wind and snow could hamper fishing in area this weekend | Outside

Just as things start to improve for the Niagara River fishing, another strong wind event will happen that will end up messing things up for a few days or more. It takes a bit longer to clear up at this time of year as the water temperature hovered around 40 degrees when the water is most dense (39 degrees). The water temperature jumped a few degrees with the recent heat wave, but we will soon be dropping again. When things start to clear up, shore throwers will first have the trout. Before this last storm, rainbow trout, lake trout and sometimes brown trout were caught. Last Friday Mike Ziehm of Niagara Falls stayed clear of the high pressure area along Artpark and focused on the gorge upstream of the NYPA facility. His favorite lure is a # 5 house spinning top, chartreuse and orange and he has caught all rainbow trout, including a few nice ones. Egg bags, pearls, and other imitation eggs will also catch fish if presented correctly. Boat fishermen were catching trout before the big hit. Drifting the river current with MagLips, Kwikfish, Beads, and Bags while using three-way platforms is the preferred approach. You want to make sure your lure is working, and if there is some kind of north wind that will slow you down, you may need to engage your trolling motor to pick up speed until you can feel the sway of your hard bait. Conversely, if you have a southwest wind and are fishing for eggs or pearls, you may need to slow the boat down. When the waters finally begin to clear, the trout will be hungry. The musk season ended on December 15 in the lower river and Lake Ontario.