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As I mentioned earlier, bluegills are a great way for a beginner to learn to fish. I’ve introduced a lot of people to fishing by letting them tangled up a few sunfish, and I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t have fun doing it.

I prefer to use the smallest bobber possible to float the bait, which is often a piece of nightcrawler. A small hook size is also required, as bluegills do not have a big mouth. They need to be able to put their mouths around the bait and hook to be caught.

I like to hang the bait 12 to 16 inches below the float, depending on the body of water I’m fishing and the clarity of the water. I throw my bait near something that provides shelter or shade for the fish. Submerged rocks, trees, submerged brush, or a bed of weeds are all prime habitat for bluegill. If there are fish in the area, it won’t take long for them to find the bait.

Bluegills like to hit from below the bait and inhaling it is just one sip. A slight movement of the wrist is sufficient to secure the hook. The battle is on, as is the fun.

Using a fly rod to catch crappie is another great way to have fun. If you are just learning to use fly fishing equipment then the bluegill is a great way to do your homework. Bluegills doesn’t care if you have a perfect backcast, or if your elbow ends at the right angle on your follow-up. They’re hungry, and as long as you have something of interest near them, they’ll investigate.

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