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Yellowstone season 4: Malcolm Beck “returns from the dead”? | Television and radio | Show biz & TV

The fourth season of Yellowstone is out in just over two months, and viewers are eager to find out what will happen to the powerful Dutton family after last year’s gruesome reveals. While a new Instagram trailer announces revenge galore during the upcoming Paramount release, the brief clip could also hint that one of the ranch’s most sinister foes may return from the grave.

A new trailer for Yellowstone’s fourth season may tease the return of Malcolm Beck (played by Neal McDonough), fans have claimed.

The very brief promo was recently posted on Instagram and features an unknown character sent to an aquatic grave.

New footage features an aerial view of the ranch’s neighboring river before a gunshot is heard and a white hat is washed away by the current.

Blood begins to flow from the anonymous victim, while a slogan promises “Every”. Body. Country.’

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Although he was still technically alive when the camera cut, his absence throughout season three appeared to confirm his disappearance.

Now, the apparent appearance of his hat in the new trailer is seen as proof of his miraculous return from the dead in season four.

Sadly, it looks like his potential return could be short-lived as he was likely killed once and for all in the teaser.

Alternatively, other viewers believe that a particularly striking sound effect at the start of the trailer might also give a clue as to who is being pulled.

“You can hear the fishing rod throw at the start of the clip…” one fan replied.

And another said: “Listening to that line coming out makes me think it’s Rourke!” “

Shady businessman Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) was first introduced to fly fishing on the Dutton’s property, much to the dismay of John’s icy daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly).

While their corporate rival preferred a baseball cap to the Stetson cowboy, the stage location and unmistakable sound of a casting rod is more than enough to suggest that Roarke will end in season four.

Yellowstone Season Four premieres Sunday, November 7 on Paramount.

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